We help our clients create productive, accessible workplaces.

We develop environments that attract and retain talented employees.
We provide the tools necessary for success:
for business, government, and community.
We deliver specialized training and educational modules,
to create inclusive, accessible, productive workplaces.
Our team is ready to support your quest for excellence.

Welcome to the Breen & Associates website. Our consultancy is dedicated to providing support and creative solutions to organizations that are making efforts to enhance the inclusive nature of their business. This applies equally to internal issues such as recruiting, retention, and corporate culture and training, as it does to external concerns such as community perceptions and creating partnerships in the disability community. Our goal is to ensure that you are not limited by physical, psychological or attitudinal barriers in your efforts to recruit and retain effective and talented employees. To meet this goal, we are dedicated to providing the tools necessary for success – for business, government, and community.

Recent News

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Get to Know Us
The Breen and Associates team has received numerous awards and accolades for services in community development, educational change and workplace reform. One member of our team has even received two Governor General Awards!
Our consultants work in some of the most remote communities of the north and densely populated cities of Europe and Asia. From Australia to Zambia, Patagonia to Frobisher Bay, Breen and Associates is always up for a workplace diversity adventure.
Our consultants understand that what is good for people and communities is also good for business. When it comes to creating inclusive, productive, sustainable workplaces it's all about the triple bottom line: people, planet, profit.
Our Clients

We are lucky to work with some pretty remarkable organizations, all of whom are benefiting from inclusive, productive workplaces.