Leadership in an Inclusive Workplace


Disabilities are an everyday feature of the workplace landscape. However, opportunities to enable a professional, solution-oriented response to resolving prospective disability employment issues are not always apparent or available to employees.

Professional development is an interactive process that requires a quality curriculum in combination with an enthusiasm for learning.

Our team members have developed and implemented a variety of communication strategies to enhance employment skills, awareness of developing initiatives, and to encourage employment participation by people with disabilities.

We deliver a variety of workshops on topics that include employment equity, disability in the workplace, participating in difficult conversations, the duty to accommodate, and addictions.

Example outcomes from our workshops include the following:

  • Participants departed workshops knowing substantially more about employment disability issues.
  • Participants reported they would be more comfortable sharing information with their colleagues regarding the challenges facing people with disabilities.
  • Participants identified that they had a greater awareness of the range of accommodations available to create accessible, productive workplaces.
  • Participants felt more ready to support and mentor colleagues in the workplace identified with a disability.
  • Participants completed the workshop with substantially increased confidence regarding how to talk about disabilities in the workplace.
  • Participants identified strongly with the proposal to promote solution-oriented disability employment workshops, indicating they themselves felt more prepared to lead such sessions with their colleagues in the future.